What People Say

James Black, Adjunct Professor, smiling

James Black, Adjunct Professor at Hofstra University School of Law;

Partner Falcon Rappaport & Berkman

Shari is nothing short of amazing! Not only does she have outstanding connections with great law firm, including the one she helped place me with, but she has spectacular instincts of who fits best with whom. That’s only the start! Shari is a kind caring and sympathetic soul, who walks you through all the uncertainty and stress associated with changing firms. I will be forever grateful to Shari for getting me through a difficult time and landing a dream position. 

Anthony Cummings, JD, MBA

Partner at Certilman Balin Adler & Hyman, LLP

Shari has great insight and industry intelligence. She advised me on making the transition to a firm and her knowledge was invaluable. On the strength of her input I landed nearly a half dozen interviews and was offered a covenanted spot at the premier law firm in my targeted group. Shari is exceptionally good at career counselling but unfortunately not available to everyone. Thanks for your sound advice Shari. 

Jeremy S. Rosof

Partner at Shaub, Ahmuty, Citrin & Spratt, LLP

Shari is a terrific professional development coach and sounding board for mid-career attorneys. She makes the effort to get to know each client and to build relationships and gives freely of the most previous commodity — her time — for each and every client: a rarity in her field. She is high energy and always ready to roll up her sleeves and get to work. 

William Woodard

Paralegal at Abrams Fensterman Rochester office

Shari is the best at what she does as far as recruiting goes. I was fortunate enough to work with her regarding a possible position. Shari was there to guide me through the recruiting process every step of the way including multiple phone calls and emails keeping me informed. I highly recommend working with her if you get the chance! 

Lisa Dvoskin, Esq

Counsel at Lamb & Barnosky, LLP

Shari is by far one of the most professional individuals I have ever worked with. She is so thorough. It is rare to come across someone who is so on top of their game, and I am so glad to have worked with her and to know her. Shari is an absolute professional and just a really nice person. 

Peter Sayer

Construction Law Attorney

Shari is hands down the best recruiter I have ever dealt with. Aside from the fact that she is a pleasure to talk to, her care for her clients and attention to detail is truly amazing, and the attention she pays to each of her candidates is truly exemplary – from how to rework your resume, to helping you locate a position suitable and tailored to your specific needs, to getting you an interview, and to preparing you for the interview. She is on top of her game, extremely diligent and thorough, and follows through with you in a way that no other recruiter does. She really goes the extra mile, and it shows. 

Bonnie Radafshar

Director of Human Resources at Hawkins Delafield & Wood LLP

Working with Shari was wonderful. She has a unique talent for balancing her client and the candidate’s needs so that all parties are happy. 

Adam Katz

Managing and Founding Attorney of Katz Law Firm, PLLC

Shari simply gets it… she gets people, she knows how to match up the needs and skills of people and organizations in both a logical and professional manner, with a unique touch of her creative and vivacious energy and passion in her work. Thank you Shari! 

Brett Stack

Associate Attorney at Ganfer Shore Leeds & Zauderer LLP

Shari was recommended to me by a friend in a networking group and I am so happy we were connected. I was not a client of Shari’s, but she still took the time to provide valuable advice that I considered when I took the job that I ultimately wanted. Shari took the time, effort and patience to understand my situation and effectively get me placed for the next step in my career. You are in good hands with Shari!! 

Elizabeth Vulaj

Business and Legal Affairs Associate at Abrams Media

Shari is professional, kind, and truly goes the extra mile for those that she works with. She extends great advice and encouragement while simultaneously working hard to find the perfect fit and opportunity for attorneys across the board. She is one of the best in her field and I recommend her without hesitation! 


Trusts & Estates Associate at Korsinsky & Klein, LLP

Shari was like no other recruiter I ever worked with. Rather than just match me with any firm that was looking to fill a position, Shari got to know me and teased out who I was and what I was really looking for. Though there were several firms looking for candidates in my practice area, she knew the cultures and inner-workings of each firm and only guided me towards firms where I would be happy in the long term, not just firms where she could get me hired and make a commission. She eventually matched me with a great firm that was not just objectively great, but a great fit for my personality and life and career goals. And she did not simply arrange an interview. After securing an interview for me, she went into career-coach-mode where she spent time providing invaluable advice on the do’s and don’ts of interviewing and negotiating compensation and benefits. With Shari’s help I received a fantastic offer. I could not be happier with her work and commitment. I recommend her and her services in the strongest sense. 

Johanna C. David

Trusts & Estates Attorney at Moritt Hock& Hamroff, LLP

Shari is extremely talented at what she does. She is genuine and has the unparalleled ability to really connect with her clients. She is insightful and knowledgeable about the field and takes pride in her work and making the right connections. She is particular and makes sure that those connections are the right fit on both sides. She genuinely cares. I could not have worked with a better recruiter. 

Jessica Klersy, Esq.

Associate Attorney

Shari is a professional and a wonderful advocate for her clients. She is invaluable source to have in the legal market and provides nothing but the best service to her clients. She provided me with helpful hints to utilize in the legal field and was an excellent listener when needed. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone as you will never find a person who is as caring as her!

Jessica Klersy, Esq.

Corporate Counsel Centene Corporation

Shari is a stellar professional, an expert career advisor and an invaluable source of information on the legal market. On top of that, Shari is a highly skilled persuader and advocate for her clients. 

Michael P. G.

Regulatory & Compliance Consulting NY & NJ Attorney

I have known Shari for several years and she has consistently provided guidance beyond my expectation and always made herself available. I am fortunate to have her in my network. 

Marie Elizabeth Villefranche

Associate at Kerley, Walsh, Matera & Cinquemani, P.C.

Shari is WONDERFUL!! She helped me prepare for an interview with a thorough discussion of what to expect, how to answer questions (including the dreaded, tell me about yourself) and post-interview behaviors. Because of this preparation, I was very comfortable during the interview and I received an offer because of how well she coached me. Shari was instrumental in getting me the position and even advocated for me during the negotiation process. I will HIGHLY recommend Shari and hope to work with her again in the future. 

Charles Balvin

Counsel at YK Law LLP

Shari is an honest recruiter who takes the time to help her clients and candidates. She is thoughtful and has helped me discover new opportunities that have benefited my career. 

Suzanne Levy, Esq.

Managing Member/Owner at Levy Law & Mediation Firm, P.C.

I highly recommend Shari Davidson if you are an attorney looking for a new position. Shari is the best recruiter that I have had the opportunity to work with. She is committed to the process, very professional and understands the needs of the legal industry and whats important when making a placement with attorneys. 

Keith J. Frank

Partner at Moritt Hock & Hamroff LLP

Shari is a talented facilitator at developing, nurturing and maintaining relationships between business professionals, as well as, advising on how to advance one’s career. Shari is genuine and honest and cares about not only her clients, but also those she interacts with and does business with on a daily basis. Always a pleasure and a true professional. 

Andrew Ciccone

Director Influencer Marketing, Hudson Valley Public Relations

Shari Davidson and I worked together directly on developing her brand identity for her recuiting firm. Shari is an incredibly talented Search Consultant and intuitive Business adviser. Shari has an excellent reputation with her clients for matching skills with firms that share common values. Beyond results, Shari is honest and truly cares about all parties involved. As she says she creates “happy marriages”. Always a pleasure to work with, a true professional. 

Shawn Johnson

A servant of the King of kings

Shari pairs exceptional market insight with great resume and CV review. She was a joy to work with and is absolutely top-shelf. 

Steven Skulnik

Arbitrator (FCIArb) and Arbitration Editor

In addition to being diligent in her efforts locating and placing the right person in the right position, Shari is honest and principled. I whole-heartily recommend her. 

Michael Rosenblatt


From day 1 of our business dealings, Shari demonstrated professionalism and had a vision how she wanted to handle our business. During the course of our dealings, Shari repeatedly demonstrated excellent abilities as a recruiter and proved to be of the highest integrity. She proved to me that she is of very high moral and ethical character when confronted with a situation that required her actions.
it is without any hesitation whatsoever that i am making this recommendation. If your in need of a hard working, committed , honest recruiter for your personal needs or business, one who also is extremely capable, do not hesitate to contact Shari. 

Dieter Hertling

CEO at Emprove Ventures

Shari has the unique ability to seek out, attract and pipeline top talent. Her professionalism resonates in every interaction that she has throughout the recruitment process. She has the unmatched insight to determine the best fit for both the firm and the individual and also takes the time to provide expert guidance and coaching to her candidates. Extremely gifted at bringing out a level of authenticity in candidates, Shari allows the employer to accurately evaluate an individual for who they really are – not just based on their interviewing skills. Beyond job descriptions and credentials on paper, Shari has well-honed instincts and an innate feel for strong pairings between candidates and employers. Her direct, honest style is refreshing and leads to a fluid process that respects the time, energy and integrity of everyone involved.

Dieter Hertling | CEO – Emprove Performance Group, LLC

Elizabeth J. Shampnoi

President and CEO of Shampnoi Dispute Resolution and Management Services, Inc.

During my career, I have worked with many recruiters either seeking qualified candidates or new opportunities. I consider Shari to be one of the best recruiters in the NY area. Shari understands the needs of her clients as well as the those of the potential placement. In addition to being diligent in her efforts locating and placing the right person in a position, she is honest and personable. 

Jennifer Bellusci

Paralegal with proven expertise in IP, copyright and trademark protection, and contracts.

Shari is a wonderful and dedicated Recruiter. She is an excellent
“career”coach and resource. She was a priceless resource for resume and cv review. I whole-heartly recommend Shari to anyone
seeking a human touch and results in this competitive market! 

Barry Laub

#1 Best Selling Author, Empowerment Coach, Speaker, Sales and Marketing, Business Resource, Special Needs Consultant

Shari is a dedicated and caring professional. She will take the time to make sure that she delivers excellence at every juncture. When Shari does something you can depend on success. 

Liz and Bob Koplitz


I have worked with Shari in the past and found that she is both knowledgeable and compassionate. She understands the needs of law firms and the importance of an efficient and competent support staff.

She never over-sells and that speaks volumes in her business. She will definitely place the right person with the right firm every time.

I would highly recommend her to fill roles in any firm I am affiliated with and would also strongly suggest that any firm seeking new employees speak to her and gain from her intelligence and experience. 

Multi-Licensed Professional Advisor at My Company

I have recently started working with Shari after meeting her at a conference, have had an exceptionally experience so far, and am confident in her abilities and results. I have used other legal recruiters previously including to move my practice group to a AmLaw 100 firm. My experience with Shari is different. We have had several long conversations through which I have developed a high level of confidence dealing with Shari. She is smart and has a good business sense. It is good to speak with a person who can hold up their end of a highly intellectual conversation, and who can quickly separate the important issues from the chaff. My personal situation is exceptionally unique and I know that Shari will guide me properly using the highest level of ethics and deliver good results for me. 

Producer at AIB New York, Inc.

I don’t usually have positive things to say about recruiters, But Shari is top notch. If you’re looking at ways to better market yourself and progress in your career, Shari is your woman. She is excellent in career strategy, resume writing, interviewing skills, and generally presenting yourself in the best possible fashion. Shari gives a whole new meaning to career”coaching.” 

Executive Recruiter/President DBL Associates

Shari is a principled,dedicated recruiter. She works hard for her clients and candidates to make sure their objectives are fulfilled. She cares very much for the people she works with and gives them solid advice and counsel. She is talented, efficient and knowledgeable in the recruiting field. Clients get expert help and guidance and candidates have a valuable resource when they are working with Shari. I highly recommend her for her knowledge, skills and abilities. 

Professional & Executive Search - Recruiting the best Marketing & Leadership talent for your growing company!

Shari knows the Legal Search world inside and out. Her depth of experience is amazing and she just continues to learn and help others. I know she has filled some very difficult positions for clients, when they thought they would never find the best fit for their firm. She is a great listener, passionate about her business, smart and funny. 

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I have worked with Shari on several occasions, her expertise and professionalism are five star. I would not hesitate to recommend Shari.