You are currently viewing Job Opening: Regional Development Director / Club Development Lead – NY Metro

Job Opening: Regional Development Director / Club Development Lead – NY Metro

Regional Development Director / Club Development Lead -NY Metro

Unlock the potential of a vast region, driving the sales, development, and evolution of clubs. Empower communities, elevate connections, and champion regional growth as the vital force behind a burgeoning network.

Why You Should Apply

  • Earning Potential: $75,000-$120,000 income range.
  • Remote with some travel
  • Impact a diverse region, nurturing and expanding a network of clubs.
  • Utilize innovative tools, from social media to formation committees, for lead generation.
  • Play a pivotal role in new club openings and existing club events.
  • Cultivate leadership, offering training and mentorship for emerging Club Development Directors.

What You’ll Be Doing

  • Developing and maintaining a dynamic leads pipeline through various channels, from member outreach to social media.
  • Launching new clubs, driving the entire formation process.
  • Spearheading informational events for both prospective and existing clubs.
  • Managing the prospect pipeline, guiding them from interest to membership.
  • Conducting meticulous audits and reviews, ensuring quality prospects.
  • Working with professional – Lawyers & Attorneys

About You

  • Be able to do the job as described.
  • Mastery in using tools such as LinkedIn for lead generation.
  • Proficiency in orchestrating large-scale events, from conception to execution.
  • Experience in conducting audits and thorough reviews for lead qualification.
  • Aptitude for multi-layered regional oversight, from PAC% monitoring to club performance analysis.

How To Apply

We’d love to see your resume, but we don’t need it to have a conversation. Send us an email to and tell me why you’re interested. 

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