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The Troubling Trend Of Ghosting? #WTF  

Over the past few years there has been an uptick in an overall lock of civility, politeness, courtesy and respect. A total lack of professionalism is pervasive in the workplace, on social media channels, and those seeking opportunities in the job market. 

What you do professionally and how you do it, defines who you are. 

Skipping an interview, ignoring phone calls, or not replying to emails has never been an acceptable way of doing business. There is never a good reason for not notifying your employer you are leaving the firm or ghosting a recruiter because you don’t intend pursuing that opportunity. 

The prevailing opinion is that the law firms are as much to blame as are the attorneys. That said, ghosting is bad business. Leave on good terms, be respectful, and let recruiters know if you no longer wish to be considered for an opening. 

Never burn bridges. 

As in the courtroom, as in the business world, you never disrespect the judge, you must always make an effort to be polite. Don’t ever say something you’ll regret, being rude can only lead to being passed over for opportunities down the road. 

The community workplace app ‘Blind’ is used by some of the most respected companies in the world. Blind conducted an anonymous survey (October, 2021) to report on work-related trends. The report found that employees are ‘quitting their jobs without telling their manager or their human resources department’. 

Unemployment is still near historic lows and job openings remain high. 

Attracting and retaining top talent is a real challenge for law firms. Candidate’s job searches have become more and more grueling. The process has become extremely time consuming, frustrating, and stressful. 

Surefire Ways to Sabotage Your Career Search –  

  1. Be careful what you say on and off-line. Carefully curate your social profiles, deleting anything that may be construed as offensive. Inappropriate comments, photos, or awkward photos from social gatherings can cost you your job. Firms do extensive background checks looking to weed out candidates during the selection process. 
  2. Be prepared. Extensively research the firm you are applying to, prepare for questions certain to be asked during the interview. Work with a legal recruiter to ensure your resume reflects the skills necessary for the position. Recruiters have their pulse of what firms want and help get you an interview. 
  3. Never lie. Equivocation and slight distortions about your experience and skill set will ultimately lead to damaging your reputation. 
  4. Stay focused. Never miss a deadline, forget to follow up, or show up late to a job interview. Keep the lines of communication open and update everyone whenever possible. 
  5. Keep it upbeat and positive. Shy away from controversial topics online and during the interview process. If you can’t say something complimentary about a colleague or past relationship, say nothing. Less is more. 
  6. Don’t get desperate. Sending your resume to too many firms sends a red flag to the legal community. Work with a recruiter who will carefully guide you through these often dangerous waters. Recruiters often have inside information about opportunities hidden from prospective candidates. 

Many recall the impact of the 2008 economic downturn. The legal marketplace is not immune from looming government shutdowns, labor union strikes, or the impact of inflationary pressures on the economy. realizations about the banking sector. 

Remember, it’s not about you. It’s about what you bring to the table, the value you add to the team, and how you can make it rain. 

Lots of opportunities going on in the legal industry right now. Don’t make a move without assessing your worth in the marketplace. Let us be your GPS! We create a strategic plan that is unique to your needs. 

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Surefire Ways to Sabotage Your Career Search


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