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Should lawyers be spooked in this inflationary environment? 

Halloween is upon us, the recent favorable jobs report created fear that the Fed may continue to raise interest rates. Everyone is being more conservative with their spending: with student loans resuming, high inflation compounded by tightening credit limits, the ongoing threat of a government shutdown, numerous union strikes and recent geopolitical instability. 

The economy continues to rebound with a soft landing likely. Thankfully the legal profession is generally recession proof.

Where are you in this ever uncertain workplace? Are you planning on retiring in five to ten years? Thinking of making a lateral partner move? 

Notwithstanding what are you doing to protect your firm’s future? Are you well positioned to kick back and enjoy retirement in the next five to ten years? Are you leveraging your niche to realize the retirement you dreamed of?

Don’t go it alone, talk to an advisor who can help structure options for your next move. 

Developing a solid understanding of the most significant challenges your firm is likely to face over the next 5 to 10 years will help you realize your goals and reap the rewards or your years of hard work. 

Ask yourself . . .

  • What are you doing to protect your book of business?
  • Are you undervaluing your worth? Should you join forces with another firm and double your net worth overnight?
  • What keeps you up at night? When will you be able to kick back and enjoy the good life?

“On Balance Search Consultants understand the challenges associated with thinking about the next stage of your career in law. You have options, don’t leave any money at the table. We will ensure your firm will continue to thrive no matter what the business climate.” — Shari Davidson.  

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Are you planning on retiring in five to ten years? Thinking of making a lateral partner move? 

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Ms. Davidson, a highly skilled human resources executive with over 20 years’ experience that specializes in finding top talent in the legal community. Shari has placed lateral partner attorneys, as well as group acquisitions & law firm mergers and has assisted several prominent clients in recruiting lateral associates, paralegals and internal professional administrative positions.