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Tough Questions Law Firms & Attorneys Need to Ask to Survive

Tough Questions

Goodbye 2020, we are beginning to turn the page on the one of the darkest chapters in our journey through this COVID Crisis. The pandemic has changed the way we do business. Lawyers and law firms are faced with re-thinking how to thrive in this new uncertain world.

The COVID vaccination campaign will lead to millions of people returning to the office, but no one knows when. There is much uncertainty and speculation as to when the public will achieve herd immunity.

Tough questions need to be asked with ways to position yourself to take advantage of whatever challenges await us in the months ahead. Here are tough questions you need to ask yourself:

  1. What steps can I take to best mitigate the risks to emerge from this chaos profitably as transition back to a new normal?
    Now would be a good time to start planning by taking proactive steps to position yourself for a post COVID business world. Firms may need to delay promotions. Question remains, as an attorney working for a law firm: can you afford to wait? What happens if the firm cuts back or shuts their doors?
  2. What are the biggest threats you face today, directly or indirectly?
    What are the firm’s main practice areas? Has that changed during this pandemic? Has the managerial structure of the firm changed? How does this impact where you stand with the firm?
  3. What big opportunities are born out of this crisis?
    In the aftermath of the 2008 Great Recession, many firms failed and never recovered. Savvy lawyers assessed the situation and made the necessary adjustments to sign new clients and secure top talent. The same possibilities exist right now.
  4. Is the firm well positioned to thrive in the post COVID world?
    What does the landscape look like? Is there a merger in the works? How will this impact your role at the firm? What are you doing to ensure you make the most of what lies ahead? Mergers are messy, some win and others get left out in the cold.
  5. What will the firm look like five years from now?
    What are the biggest threats facing the firm? How well stable does the firm look? Will you still be a valued asset to the firm in the future?

Now is the time to ask these hard questions. Legal recruiters are on the pulse of what’s going on in the industry. Get insider information, take steps to come out of this on top. Expect to continue to make changes to succeed in law. Working from home and other remote locations, which became a necessity during the pandemic are likely to continue.

Take a moment to take a hard look at the firm and what and where you best fit in to the new legal marketplace. The opportunities are there, take steps today to best put yourself to best succeed in this chaotic moment in history.

Don’t get left behind.

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